Blogger’s block

I really should be writing. It has been exactly three months since my last blog post. If I actually have any readers left, I do not want to lose them, so I will need to produce some words. Better yet, I will need to start producing words on a more regular basis, rather than once every three months.

The problem is, I cannot write at the moment and it frustrates me immensely. I have plenty of subjects to write about. I could tell you about my recent trip to Belgium, which turned out to be much better than the one before. I could tell you about the incredible concerts I have attended, and the hopefully equally incredible ones I hope to attend in 2016. I could tell you more about my past travels. I could tell you about the wonderful family Christmas I have just had. However, no matter which subject I choose to tell you about first, the words simply will not come. I keep getting distracted before I have even started. Whether the distraction comes in the form of a very good book or a very bad game on my phone, in the end I will always be left with a blank page.

This needs to change. Having writer’s block after the grand number of six blog posts is pathetic. This silly state of mind has continued for far too long and I need to snap out of it. This summer I bought a book that might come in useful now. I hope this book will guide my writing, just like the publisher’s other books have guided my travels. I will surround myself with various objects of inspiration and get started on some writing exercises. I will do whatever it takes to get my writing – and this blog – back on track. After all, I have plenty of stories left to tell you.

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