Travelling overland from Holland to Hong Kong

Tomorrow I begin my overland journey from Holland to Hong Kong. My backpack is all packed. It’s probably far too heavy. This is my first backpacking trip and I’m slightly nervous. This is the moment when my brain always tries to tell me I’m forgetting something important. I’ve had so much time to prepare and it never feels like I’ve done enough.

The countdown

I’ve been counting down for quite some time now. First I was counting months, then weeks, until finally I started counting down days. Now that it’s almost time to go, I can hardly contain my excitement.

The trip I’ve been dreaming of for nearly fifteen years is finally happening. I’m travelling from Holland to Hong Kong by train! Tomorrow I take the train in my home town. Twenty-seven days later, I will arrive in Hong Kong. It is the longest trip I have ever planned. The distance travelled by train will add up to roughly 12500km, nearly a third of the circumference of our planet! I will make 4 stops along the way, to get to know the countries I’m travelling through. I’m looking forward to every single part of my trip, but I’m especially excited about visiting the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

Hong Kong

I’m beyond excited to be able to visit my friend, who is from Hong Kong. Ever since we met in secondary school, I’ve wanted to visit her home town. I’ve been following the news about the protests in Hong Kong and I hope the situation will get better very soon. Not just because I’ve been looking forward to visiting my friend and seeing the city. It also hurts to see Hong Kong go through this and I sincerely hope the outcome will be positive and peaceful.

Do svidaniya!

I will be on the road for five and a half weeks, and I hope to find ways to share my adventures here on the blog. Hopefully I will have decent enough internet now and again, to post an update. If you want to follow my adventures from Holland to Hong Kong, make sure to check the blog for new posts, and follow my facebook page!