Where to next?

As some of you might know, I do not aspire to become a full time traveller. That said, the traveller in me does get a little antsy when there is no trip at all to look forward to. That might be why – less than three weeks after returning from Italy – I booked a new trip.

Don’t worry, I am far from done writing about my Italian road trip. It’s just that I always need a destination to look forward to. Something to plan and research. Preferably a new country to read up on. One of the first things I always do when researching a new destination, is turn to my favourite fellow travel bloggers. They are people who have seen about half of the planet. I’ll definitely find a post on their blogs, perhaps even a destination guide. Right?


Apparently not, because the first three blogs I checked did not feature this country at all. I am honestly surprised. I’m not travelling to some remote, lesser known country that doesn’t really see many travellers. I’m definitely not travelling somewhere so exotic and expensive that no one can afford visiting. I am travelling to Budapest! I never thought that would be unusual. Granted, I don’t know many people who have travelled to Hungary (except for my granny), but that might be because most people I know have never left western Europe. What I don’t understand is why this city seems to be so much less popular than Prague. Based on what I’ve seen so far the two cities appear to have a lot in common, yet it seems like most tourists prefer the Czech capital over the Hungarian one.

I’m very curious to see what makes these cities similar, but I’m especially curious about what makes them different. I can’t wait to discover the capital city of a country I have never travelled to before, at one of the most magical times of the year. Last but not least, I also can’t wait to spend the next four and a half months making sure I learn as much as I can about it before I board the plane.

Where are you travelling next? Have you ever visited Budapest? Have you got any tips for me? Please let me know in the comments!

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